This IKEA furniture causes the most stress when assembled

This IKEA furniture causes the most stress when assembled

note (small scale) Search from UK hot deals I resulted Flat stress index. “Flat packs” are furniture that you have to assemble yourself, so your craftsmanship awaits in a flat pack before it can shine in your home. This index score shows which IKEA furniture causes the most stress.


A little side note: Unfortunately there is no accurate scientific way to measure stress, but in medicine heart rate is a good indicator. The research therefore relies on three pillars: heart rate, heart rate variability (HVR) and – not unimportantly – completion percentage. If your heart rate is on the lower side, this indicates a low stress level. If the interval between your heartbeats is high, this indicates that you are in a good or relaxed state.

UK Hot Deals The study was conducted on one hundred people who worked in pairs with thirty of the most popular IKEA furniture with a heart rate monitor on their wrist. Naturally, heart rate and the time interval between heartbeats were measured, but of course the time it took the couples to assemble the furniture was also measured. By the way, each building set had a specific time frame based on the difficulty level. Based on these results, the assembled furniture was given a maximum score of 100 points. The higher the score (stress index), the more stress the furniture causes (and may also cause friction in your relationship or level of self-control).

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