These two methods are the most toxic that can be broken down according to science

These two methods are the most toxic that can be broken down according to science

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Ghosting consists of “leaving a relationship or friendship unexplained and ignoring all attempts to communicate with the other person,” according to Psychology Today. On the other hand, the orbiter ends the relationship as the “social network with the ex-partner” continues.

Orbit and Shadows: The Most Psychological Damage

The team of scientists, led by Luca Pancani of the University of Milan-Bicocca, found that “hosting” harms our mental health the most: “Feelings of exclusion were stronger for the hosted participants than for the rejected participants.” The researchers concluded that “shadows represent a more threatening experience of exclusion” than the “usual” refusal technique.

As for the latest new dumping technology, orbiting, “the level of exclusion of victims was between the level of ghosts and those who were deported.” However, Italian researchers have not been able to fully measure the effects of this technique, which is less brutal than shadows but more shocking than rejection.

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Because loss of connection and lack of explanation is the most painful of the experience: “The lack of communication that characterizes shadows makes this process very complex, creating confusion and uncertainty among victims.”

Secondly, it is the lack of attention and sensitivity that affects the victim. When “orbit” leaves their partner, while they continue to interact on their social networks, these feelings of exclusion and rejection are waned, and “the sporadic attention that individuals receive online may be enough to mitigate their feelings of alienation in comparison.” Finally, “non-confrontation leaves,” the scientists said. The victim is completely at the mercy of the hacker’s decision, which greatly reduces the victim’s ability to control the situation.”

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