"There's a little understanding that goes into building a new team like that."

“There’s a little understanding that goes into building a new team like that.”

Feyenoord had a torturous week. The team from Rotterdam lost without a chance against SS Lazio, especially in the first half when it was clear that coach Arne Slott’s side needed to step up. Wim Kieft went through all the criticism of Feyenoord.

“Feyenoord turned completely upside down, but that can’t be surprising,” begins Kieft. telegram. In the Eredivisie you can win many matches with fourteen new players, but if you play against a serious opponent like Lazio Roma, you will lose your head at this stage. In the long run, the difference in quality between Lazio and Feyenoord will not be as big as it was in the first half in Rome.”

Kieft is convinced that Beinoord will take big steps. See how coach Arne Slott has grown to the level of Olympique Marseille and AS Roma with his players in the Conference League. If the team responds well, is in good shape and can put pressure on it, Feyenoord will soon make a lot of progress. There is little understanding of creating such a new team in Rotterdam.

Kieft thinks it’s only logical that 21-year-old Gimenez would immediately want to assert himself as a replacement player. The Mexican did not concede a decorated penalty. “No, he’s not at the top of the list. But he’s a South American and above all a striker. His 21 years and the most admired player in Mexico, Jimenez is suddenly on the bench at Feyenoord. Then his rival Danilo is doing better than everyone expected.”

”Gimenez doesn’t know what hit him and thinks the pressure is on: don’t mess up all the deals, I’ll take that fine, it’s mine. That’s how things go, and captain Argun Koksu, who is the first penalty taker on the list, doesn’t have to worry too much about it. He may retake the next penalty kick. Meanwhile, Gimenez hits the ball regularly, and Goksu has to think: it gives Santiago some hope in a difficult period.”

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