The world of technology is under the influence of ChatGPT

The world of technology is under the influence of ChatGPT

ChatGTP is a software that allows the AI ​​chat function to almost imitate human capabilities. For example, it can write poems, formulate questions, or write entire stories, and it can help us enhance our creativity. For example, while writing an article, you get an overview of a number of tasks, says technology editor Joost Schellevis in it. NPO Radio 1 Magazine. “It’s a kind of helper for encouraging creativity. It can also serve as a tool for writing software.”

Traditionally, computers do what you ask them to do, but nothing more. Ask a computer to calculate how a rocket could get to the moon, as the first supercomputers did, and it will—but without any creative input. However, AI mimics human creative intelligence so that computers can think for themselves about the best way to accomplish a task. This is actually useful in practical terms for your car’s navigation systems, for compiling your Netflix recommendations or for keeping your car on the road while you’re driving.

However, there is a plagiarism caveat. Also, the information is not always reliable, because ChatGPT information is based on common knowledge.

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