The vaccination site at the NDSM site is closed for today due to the festival and appointments at other locations

The vaccination site at the NDSM site is closed for today due to the festival and appointments at other locations

The vaccination site at the NDSM pier will be closed at the end of this month due to the Pleinvrees Festival. People who had a prick appointment for that day received a text message that the appointment could not be made. According to GGD, they can go to a different location at the same time.


The site will be used for the Pleinvrees Festival on July 31. The spokesperson explains that this was part of the lease agreement that GGD Amsterdam had with the site owner. “If festivals are allowed to take place again, the vaccination site will be closed on that day.” This appointment was incorporated into the national appointment system for the first vaccination appointment, but an error occurred on the second appointment. “If you’re planning a first date, you’ll immediately get a second one. It’s automatically set for July 31.”

“It should have been made clearer that the date could go on, but in a different place.”

GGD Amsterdam spokesperson


When this problem was identified, an alternative was found: the appointments continue at the same time, but in a different place. However, hundreds of people received a text today telling them that the location was unavailable that day and that they could call to set a new appointment. However, according to the speaker, the text is not very clear. “It is multi-interpretation and confusing. It should have been stated more clearly that the appointment could have taken place, but in a different place.”

Thanks to the text message, the phone at GGD is super hot and people have to wait a long time before they can talk to someone. Some reported that they had to wait at least two hours.

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NH News / AT5


Many people contradict AT5 / NH News They were surprised by the text message they received. They are surprised that the festival is being prioritized over vaccination. “It’s not possible, is it?” Feedback is guaranteed. There are also a lot of surprises on social media.

Board questions

The closure of the vaccination site in Stopera will end. Both VVD and Party for the Animals have already announced that they will be asking questions about the shutdown during next Wednesday’s board meeting.

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