The US state of Texas has banned abortions six weeks after conception

The US state of Texas has banned abortions six weeks after conception

The law was signed today by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott. Medical emergencies are the only exception.

Citizens can sue anyone involved in an illegal abortion. In addition to the doctors, the American media reports that they are the ones who take the pregnant woman to the abortion hospital or pay for the abortion.

“Our Creator has given us the right to life, but millions of children lose their right to life every year through abortion,” the governor said before signing. “In Texas, we are working to save those lives.”

Similar laws

Similar laws have previously been passed in about ten Republican-ruled states. These have been passed in an attempt to break the historic 1973 report.

In the case of Roy v. Wade the Supreme Court guaranteed that women have the right to terminate their pregnancy. In many parts of the United States, abortion is allowed during the first 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Texas law is scheduled to go into effect in September. In other states anti-abortion laws, though previously signed, are not yet in force.

According to the Goodmaker Institute, which works for abortion, this is because enforcement of these laws is hampered by lawsuits.

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