The UK Market Watch is also investigating Apple and App Store Terms – Tablets and Phones – News

A “Yes” result can be expected in the first half of that study; The Market Watch itself says that the App Store is “the only way for developers to distribute apps to the Apple iPhone and iPad, and the only way for Apple customers to access them.”

I also believe that no one is denying that this justified situation exists. But this is not surprising. After all, every store owner monopolizes the land of their own store, which is quite logical. If this suddenly leads to an abusive situation, every retail store must henceforth make shelves available to the competitor, who may also have its own cash register. Of course, that wouldn’t make any sense at all. :) There is no law that can do that now, fortunately.

Anyway, hopefully this will take years, for now iOS users might still be safe anyway and keep Apple locked system working well.

“This rate also varies from party to party; Amazon, for example, pays 15 percent instead of 30.”

This distortion survives in this way, it is simplistic. With Prime on TvOS, and not on iOS where this is not possible, Amazon uses a scheme that many companies use, where under certain conditions they only have to install 15% instead of 30%. This does not differ from one party to the other, these terms are only universal and are used by Amazon; Just like HBO and Netflix for example; Although, Netflix has stopped selling and it is now doing so through its web store. The situation is that if you buy it on iOS the commission is 30% and 15% in the second year, but via TvOS directly 15%. Plus, all young developers get an all-inclusive 15% discount.

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So there is nothing strange or “under the table” going on here. Although Apple would be free to do so, it is after all its store and platform.

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