The transportation volume decreased in 2020

The transportation volume decreased in 2020

In the last quarter of 2020, airport sales volumes fell, among other things, by 62 percent, according to figures released by the Central Bureau of Statistics. Airline turnover is 57 percent lower compared to the last three months in 2019.

Railway company NS announced a few weeks ago that it incurred losses of 111 million in 2020. The company does not expect to transport as many passengers again until 2025 as it was before the Corona crisis.

Extra work

In the last quarter there was an increase in road transport of goods in the second and third quarters, sales continued to decline due to the Corona measures. In the fourth quarter, the approaching Brexit led to a 3 percent increase in sales volumes.

Several companies have decided to quickly import or export goods to the UK in recent weeks. This resulted in additional work for transport drivers driving in the UK.

More packages

Postal and courier companies are the biggest exception to concern in the transportation sector. In the last three months of 2020, its sales volume increased by nearly a quarter. In December, it was completely sold out when internet sales were up 56 percent – and all of those items also had to be delivered.

PostNL delivered a record 337 million packages in 2020. In the fourth quarter, suppliers called for a 30 percent increase in parcels compared to the previous year. PostNL believes that about 25 million additional parcels have been sent due to the Corona crisis.

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