Medewerkers directoraat Veeteelt opgeleid tot Buitengewoon Agent van Politie

The staff of the livestock division has been trained to become an exceptional police officer

Ten staff members from the Directorate of Livestock Breeding of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (LVV) of Suriname have successfully completed their training as a Special Agent of Police (BAVP) in the Suriname Police Force (KPS). This new group of BAVP’ers, a first from the LVV Department, will have to oversee, among other things, the application of existing livestock legislation for “wet screening meat and other animal products”.

During the certification ceremony on Wednesday, December 29, 2021, LVV Minister Parmanand Sodin emphasized the importance of the new tasks for this group of LVV officials. The Directorate of Livestock Breeding has been working for a long time to be able to adequately perform various tasks and powers within the law of the Inspectorate of Meat and Other Animal Products. Having successfully completed their education, this group will have to conscientiously perform this important role.

Given its responsibility with regard to agricultural products and food safety, the ministry is an important stakeholder in the Port Health Authority. According to Acting Director of Livestock, Anand Chutkan, the BAVP training will meet the international requirements and standards for participation in the trade of meat and animal products between Suriname and different countries. It also contributes to providing guarantees for local production.

The newly trained people will have to ensure that the health of both humans and animals is guaranteed from the border posts, where officials will be stationed. A second group of LVV officials is scheduled to participate in this training from mid-January 2022 in order to increase the operational capacity of the veterinary examination. A stricter policy of controls will also be applied on unregulated imports of veterinary products. Minister Sodin pledged all support to the control bodies given the fact that food safety is of paramount importance to him and this will contribute to the health of Suriname.

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