The sporting padel is now also famous in Castricum

The sporting padel is now also famous in Castricum

Castricum – Padel is currently the fastest growing sport in the Netherlands. The challenging startup, quick, easy, but most of all a lot of fun. Good news for Castricomors and the locals, because you can now play baseball in this municipality. Camping Bakkum has been the proud owner of the beautifully landscaped Padel Stadium since last season. Learn also about this dynamic sport. Especially at this day and age, it is great to do exercises outside.

Meanwhile, several guests and locals hit a ball and the reactions were overwhelming. From Camping Bakkum’s front desk, it is possible, for both camp guests and locals, to rent the Padel Stadium for an hour (or more) with four people in each court. Paddles and balls are included in the rental.

What is Badel?

A mixture of tennis and squash, the padel has its origins in Mexico and is very popular in Latin America and Spain. The artificial turf path is ten meters wide and twenty meters long, surrounded by a cage of fences and glass walls. Padel is usually played two-on-two, which makes it a fun and sociable sport. It is a dynamic sport due to the small playing area and because the ball can be played back into the opponent’s court through the wall. In this way, players can use a lot of creativity in the game. If the ball passes by a player, the player always has a second chance to return the ball through the wall. Therefore, the marches are often longer which makes the game more fun. Curious? Visit for more information. (Image: Attached)

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