The Return of Johnny De Mol Isn’t a Hit Yet on SBS 6: 385,000 Viewers |  Displays

The Return of Johnny De Mol Isn’t a Hit Yet on SBS 6: 385,000 Viewers | Displays

Johnny De Mol’s return was seen by about 385,000 people on Saturday night, Stichting KijkOnderzoek (SKO) reports. Competition with balls This puts it at the twelfth spot on the list of the top 25 most watched shows.

excel test hunting seasonwhich previously aired on SBS6. According to SKO, an average of 317,000 people were curious about whether DJ Gerard Ekdom and rapper Snelle could escape the presenters. It was the best watched program on the channel The heart of the Netherlandsan average of 603,000 viewers converted for that.

Prime time was well ahead of most viewers I’m leavingwhich drew around 844,000 viewers on NPO 1. Also in 1 (861,000) and Sing! (729,000) was good for the top five list on the same channel. It was the most watched program of the day NOS News At eight o’clock in the evening, it was watched by more than one and a half million people.

In terms of sports, Martin van der Weyden managed to attract the largest number of spectators with his eleven-city triathlons, i.e. 421,000 on NPO 1. Meanwhile, around 7pm, around 355,000 people watched the football match between Portugal and the Netherlands in NPO 2 in the European Under-21 Championships. In the afternoon, 264,000 people watched the Women’s National Cycling Championship on NPO 1.

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