The premier league is ridiculous

The premier league is ridiculous

William Visers

It is as if those club salaries in Saudi Arabia go up per 100 million. N’Golo Kanté 100 million a year, if you believe all the stories. Ronaldo 200 million. Messi would have had 600 million before he switched to Miami, I forget if it was for a season or two.

Those are the pay scales. despite of? Are you in the shower with a colleague who earns more than 100 million. Looks confrontational to me. Laughing hard, I read all those reports about the new Pro League shopping spree from Saudi Arabia, a locust plague descending even on Valhalla football and Premier League greens threatening to eat naked. . At least, not bald of course, more often than not it’s about some sand splashing in the penalty areas.

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More important is the discontent in England, now that they suddenly look like the richest there. They are concerned that some of the best footballers are also leaving, so they are not retired, older men in kicks, but they are twentysomethings in the prime of their lives.

Manchester City made an improved offer to Bernardo Silva to prevent him from leaving for Al-Nasr Club Ronaldo. One Arab, Malik al-Madina from the Emirates, is competing against the other Arab from Riyadh. Fighting for domination of the Middle East in the stadiums of the English Premier League. It would be funny, if not so sad, about human rights and more. and that the English of all people wonder whether it is good, and whether research is not even necessary in the dealings of, say, Todd Bohle, the owner of the American club Chelsea who, with his caravan, brings up supernumerary players from a mirage in a desert. Can anyone discover the relationship between him and the Arabs?

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It’s always about the money

Our correspondent in London now thinks I’m a soccer fanatic, because I don’t salute everything that comes out of England in terms of soccer. Yes, the experience, the fans, the stadiums, the tradition, it’s great. But beyond that? It is always about money, and how much they have to spend. Primarily Manchester United coach Erik ten Hag is wondering how much money he can spend this summer, now that the Americans are delaying selling the club.

In England, they’ve been buying for years anyone who can hit the ball straight and it’s always going, crunch or not. Mentally, the British have made great changes in football. Again: Declan Rice, controlling midfielder at West Ham, good visionary and all, captain, nice lad, but not very special, should cost a million or a hundred. Arsenal and City are the favourites.

The English Premier League actually no longer exists. It is a competition in England, financed by Arabs, Americans and other countrymen. The English, more than the Spaniards, Germans or Italians, have eroded football elsewhere in the world. And now she’s crying over an investment fund for the king of Saudi Arabia. It’s funny. TRUE.

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