The new tax agreement will lead to transparency

The new tax agreement will lead to transparency

Multinational companies with a turnover of over 50 750 million over the past two years are required to publish their taxes. The agreement, which EU President Portugal concluded with the European Parliament yesterday, will lead to more transparency. According to experts and politicians, more needs to be done to tackle tax issues.

‘Transparency alone is not enough,’ says Hans Wijelpreef, secretary of state for finance. He sees the Portuguese agreement as a positive sign. However, achieving the minimum tax would be of great benefit to the EU. This will make tax havens a thing of the past, which will benefit the economy. ‘I expect the minimum tax to receive more criticism from member states than the Portuguese plan. Some countries use even lower rates as a business model, ‘says Whistleblower.

If the country comes through the European Council with the Country Report, Biden could change the way he views the EU. He has previously criticized European tax havens. “If we look at the fact that the United States and the Netherlands have really taken a different stance when it comes to taxes, this could have a very positive effect on strengthening relations with the United States,” says Whistlebreeze.

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