The new Mini from 2030 is electric only

Automaker BMW will supply its Mini brand with only an electric motor from 2030. Insiders told Bloomberg News. However, the German carmaker continues to electrify its models.

In 2025, the plant must leave the last of the popular British brand with an internal combustion engine. By 2027, the sources said, half of all mini cars sold will be electric. As of 2030, Mini will only produce electric cars.

BMW President Oliver Zibs would like to reveal the plans on March 17th along with the annual report. The German magazine Spiegel was the first to report on the manufacturer’s plans. A BMW spokesman declined to comment.


Mini follows brands like Jaguar and Volvo with their plans to make the offer all-electric. Big evaluations of companies making electric cars like Tesla and increasingly stringent emissions regulations have accelerated the global shift to electric cars.

Mini’s decision to go all-electric will probably do well in cities. There, measures aim to reduce emissions from cars with combustion engines. There is also noise to keep dirty cars out of entire cities.

BMW is still making its small cars in Born, Limburg, but it will stop there after 2023. Minis are also being produced off the production line in the UK and Germany. The manufacturer plans to start production of the Minis in China with a partner from 2023.

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