The Netherlands is ready to allocate more money to Ukraine

The Netherlands is ready to allocate more money to Ukraine

Prominent Russian general Sergei Surovkin had inside information about the Wagner Group’s uprising. That reports the American newspaper New York times, which is based on information provided by anonymous US officials. It is unclear, according to insiders, whether the supreme soldier was also involved in planning the mercenary army’s revolt.

Surovikin had previously been the commander of Russian forces in Ukraine, but had to leave the field after a few months. He is seen as a hardliner who wants to do everything he can to win. After the Wagner revolution, Sorovikin appeared in a video calling for Russian forces in Ukraine to stand their ground and not join the rebel fighters.

American officials say in the newspaper that there are indications that many Russian generals supported the plan of President Wagner Yevgeny Prigozhin to replace the leadership of the army. Prigozhin was at odds with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Army Commander Valery Gerasimov. Soerovikin reportedly preferred to see this duo leave.

Prigozhin sent his mercenaries to Moscow last weekend. He said it was a protest, not a coup attempt. The advance of Wagner’s forces caused chaotic conditions in Russia, but was soon ended when Prigozhin struck a deal that saw him go to neighboring Belarus.

According to insiders, Wagner’s boss must have believed that he had enough support from powerful figures, otherwise the risky rebellion would not have started. It seems that he counted on the help of the army, among other things.

The sources of New York times Emphasizing that Western countries do not yet have a complete picture of what exactly happened. According to the newspaper, the West has a clear interest in undermining Surovkin, who is seen as more ruthless and effective than other Russian generals.

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AP – Sergey Surovikin (left)

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