The Netherlands is on the list of countries where you can expect a severe heatwave

The Netherlands is on the list of countries where you can expect a severe heatwave

The Spaniards are currently experiencing high temperatures at this time of the year. But according to new research, more countries are facing heatwaves. And yes, the Netherlands is also on that list.

You can hardly imagine it with the weather forecast for today and King’s Day. But that Scientific journal nature It really brings up these search results Abroad. According to the researchers, we can expect a great deal of heat in the future and they are worried about whether countries are ready for it.

Countries at risk of heat wave

Their calculation method enabled the researchers to see which areas are at risk of extreme heat and where any harmful consequences might arise. Countries where temperature records are being broken faster and also have large populations or expect significant population growth are at risk.

Vulnerability to severe weather depends on social and economic factors. There are more challenges associated with extreme heat and health services, for example, can run into trouble there.

heat records

One country seems to be of most concern, and that is Afghanistan. Researchers expect that the population will increase in the coming years and thus the temperatures will rise. In addition, the country is economically less developed.

Countries such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama are also less developed in economic terms. The limiting factor here is that the current record is well below the statistical maximum, which indicates that the region can make a significant jump once an extreme record is set. Something that also applies to the eastern part of Russia.

Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany

The study shows that the Netherlands has the same wavelength as Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. We live with many people, but since we are an economically developed country, the impact of extreme heat can be limited. After all, we have heat plans for extreme temperatures. This also applies to Beijing and the surrounding province of Hebei and the city-state of Tianjin in China.

Papua New Guinea, Queensland in Australia and northwestern Argentina are also on the list. But the researchers stressed that more countries may face exceptional heat.

Heat plan during a heat wave

Researchers are calling on policymakers to prepare for warmer temperatures. And consider current heat plans. Refrigeration centers in large cities or reduced working hours outside can contribute to this.

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