The name FIFA may disappear from the famous football game

The name FIFA may disappear from the famous football game

EA’s tip Permit To remove the name of FIFA from the series of football matches. The company says it may want to rename the games, and is therefore considering agreeing naming rights with FIFA.

The agreement between EA and FIFA over the name of the games is separate from the partnerships and other licenses the game company has entered into for the game, according to EA CEO Cam Weber. EA currently has licenses with 300 parties, so that more than 17,000 football players, 700 teams and 100 stadiums are available for the game of football.

since 1993

The first FIFA game appeared in 1993 under the name FIFA International Soccer. The latest version, FIFA 22, was released last week. According to EA, after just a few days, the new game has already had more than 9 million players around the world.

FIFA’s new competitor is a loser

The game that for many years was the only competitor to EA FIFA games, Pro Evolution Soccer, recently got a successor called eFootball. The game is also partially free.

eFootball Reviews were destructive The game maker Konami has been released his apologies Feet for problems.

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