The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture earns money from renting a school - Dagblad Suriname

The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture earns money from renting a school – Dagblad Suriname

What is the impact of the physical environment on student learning? In the weeks leading up to the school holidays, schools in the city and region were visited to examine the physical deficiencies of the school buildings. Assuming that school buildings and surrounding facilities can affect the performance of teachers, students and parents. Several things happened to us.

redundant hour

We met a group of citizens who wanted to show a gesture of gratitude to a school. An hour donation is suggested. It was noted: “Who still needs a watch in the digital age? Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone in their pocket. Watches are becoming obsolete, as it were. Even watches are being replaced.” Finally it was decided to give a sealed envelope.


He joked: “Now I understand why almost all the clocks in the city are dilapidated or stuck. Even the clock of the building in Independence Square that houses the Ministry of Finance has not been looked after.” The school year-end meeting was well attended. The audience enjoyed singing and reading.

empty battery

Walking around the school, it was noticeable that every room had a wall clock. stop everything. Guessed: “Battery is empty.” A clock was removed from the wall containing an oxidized battery that rendered the clock useless. It seems that all the hours at school suffer the same fate.

Weak school lockers

This experience brought the conversation to the needs of the school: “The school locker is weak. See for yourself, even batteries cannot be bought. There are many shortcomings in the school. The simple little things, which the school itself can handle, get bigger and harder to fix.”

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Mooney is not from

To fill the school coffers, before the emergence of Covid-19, school days were still held with entertainment. But due to the pandemic, we must now refrain from doing so. The parental contribution has practically stopped due to the economic situation. We don’t have to knock on the ministry’s door because moni do de. This is while the ministry makes money renting rooms to churches and other organizations, which set up services and develop activities there after school. This income is collected by the Ministry. It would be good if the rent went to the school coffers.”


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