The lowest wind chill ever recorded in the United States

The lowest wind chill ever recorded in the United States

Several records were broken in the Northeastern United States this weekend. In Mount Washington, New Hampshire, a minimum temperature of -43°C was measured yesterday morning local time. Combined with wind gusts of 177 kilometers per hour, this resulted in a wind chill of -78, the lowest ever recorded.

The lowest wind chill recorded in the United States so far was over Mount Washington. In 2004, the wind chill reached -74.8 degrees Celsius there. By comparison: in the Netherlands, the lowest wind chill this millennium has been measured at Lelystad. The wind temperature there on February 7, 2012, according to KNMI, was -28.6 degrees Celsius.

Wind temperatures on Mount Washington are dangerous

“The visible temperatures when measured on Mount Washington are dangerous,” says meteorologist Leander de Witt van. rain radar. “Without protection, you risk your limbs freezing within seconds, and after a few minutes you can begin to die.”

The nearly 2,000-meter-high mountain is known for its harsh weather, but it was also very cold in the lower areas. In Boston, temperatures dropped to -23, the lowest temperature recorded in the city since 1957, according to the National Weather Service (NWS). The wind chill there was less than -34. In New York, the mercury dropped to -16.

From Maine, the NWS has received reports of so-called frostquakes, which occur when water in the ground freezes and rocks crack. This leads to a deep rumble and sometimes even earthquake-like shocks. 1208bd356cced con%5Es1_& %2f

Severe frost causes trees to crack

In addition to the tremors of frost, severe frosts also caused trees to creak. Reports say that extremely cold weather means that the juices in the tree can freeze, leading to cracks in the trunk. Weer. nl Sometimes it can be so severe that the tree explodes. Washington Post He wrote that there had been multiple reports of trees exploding. twcon%5Es 1_&

The NWS warns that the cold will continue today. After that, temperatures will rise rapidly, reaching around 6 degrees tomorrow.

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Frostbite and falling trees: The coldest winds ever recorded in the United States

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