The Le Mans racers broke the rules

The Le Mans racers broke the rules

Then he got back behind the wheel and set a new lap record.

However, the mayhem continued for two hours, and Bentley had to settle for fourth. Lagache and Léonard won ahead of another Chenard-Walcker.

The Bignan 11 HP 2-liter was also able to squeeze in front of the English green bolt. But now the British have caught up.

Bentley retaliates

Although factory owner WO Bentley had his reservations beforehand, as soon as he saw racing at Le Mans, he was sold.

The former railway engineer declared it the best race he had ever seen, and the following year Duff and Clement received full support from the Bentley factory.

And again, the drivers had no regard for all of the organization’s attempts to turn Le Mans into a multi-year competition, as it was all about perseverance.

“Every driver started the race as if it was going hard, as if they knew everyone was going to be out of the race from the start,” Ottokar wrote.

The weather was better, Bentley got in with an improved version, with all-wheel brakes and a hardened tank, and 24 hours later John Duff sprinted first across the line, over 50 miles ahead of second place.

With it, a new era began, it was British racing green, the national racing color of Great Britain.

Le Mans has become a playground for the rich

Bentley won the race five times in seven years with an impressive streak of victories in a row, from 1927 to 1930. Behind the wheel were a bunch of rich playboys who lived as wildly as they drove. They were known around the world as the “Bentley Boys”.

The fastest Bentley boy was one of the heirs to the Kimberley diamond mines in South Africa, Captain Wolf “Babe” Barnato, who bought the Bentley factory when it was on the brink of collapse in 1925, so in 1928, 1929 and 1930 he was first in his favorite brand, The finish line at Le Mans can be a rip off.

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