The House of Representatives does not want Hungary to become president of the European Union

The House of Representatives does not want Hungary to become president of the European Union

It is undesirable for a country that does not respect European values ​​and is subject to Article 7 procedures to assume the presidency, D66, PvdA, GroenLinks, VVD and Volt discuss in Minister Wopke Hoekstra’s (foreign affairs) parliamentary questions. These parties together have a majority.

According to Katy Perry (PvdA), Hungary should be stripped of the presidency, in part because Orban’s government is pro-Russian and EU funds have been frozen due to corruption. Orban is making Hungary a “rotten, corrupt country,” says Jeroen van Wijngaarden (VVD). “The honor of the presidency of the European Union does not belong to such a country.”

The basics

Orban is currently destroying democracy in his country. Shows little interest in European fundamentals. This is exactly why an independent measure is underway to limit voting rights in the European Union. “It is inconceivable that they should be given control of this procedure as a boss,” says Sjoerd Sjoerdsma (D66).

Minister Hoekstra said this week that he feels uncomfortable with the Hungarian presidency. But he sees nothing in postponing the Hungarian presidency for the time being.

The President of the European Union has a lot of influence. The President chooses which topics to focus on during the presidency, leads meetings of Member States and takes the lead in negotiating legislation with the European Parliament.

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