The Freedom Party faction in the Senate remains opposed to supporting Ukraine, despite Wilders' previous words

The Freedom Party faction in the Senate remains opposed to supporting Ukraine, despite Wilders' previous words

Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders called on other party leaders to “jump over their shadows” so that a new government can be formed quickly. The leader of the Freedom Party called for his own motion last weekend to talk about military support for Ukraine as an example of good faith on the part of the Freedom Party. Wilders was previously against such support, but his partners in forming the VVD, NSC and BBB support it.

“The Netherlands needs a government quickly. We want to accelerate, so we are also moving. You have seen it before with the rule of law and the bills that we have withdrawn or shelved. We now want to talk about the possibility of providing support to Ukraine. I only hope that the other parties will be just as quick And this matter should be answered. Wilders said before his new conversation with informant Kim Potters: “Because so far we are the only ones carrying out the movement.”

Detective Kim Potters will receive almost all party leaders today and tomorrow to hear what form of government they prefer and what role they want to play in it. On Monday it will be Wilders' turn first, followed by Van der Plas (BBB), Timmermans (Groenlinx-PvdA)Umzigt (NSC), Witten (D66), and Wesselgöz (VVD). The rest will follow on Tuesday.

According to the Freedom Party leader, he said today that the formation has “taken a very long time” so far. As far as he is concerned, other parties, such as the Freedom Party, must “start moving” to quickly reach a joint government. “As the PVV, we are proving that we are not only a responsible party, but that we also like to do business. We want to have a government,” Wilders said.

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The leader of the Party for Freedom did not want to clarify who he believes should act and whose hand in particular is missing.

Wilders also stressed that his preference was to form a “normal majority government.” But if that is not possible, he is also prepared to talk about a “minority government.” It is not preferable to form an additional parliamentary government. But yes, we are also willing to do it if there is no other option. As long as there is a closet. Wilders said that the Netherlands can no longer afford to wait and delay.

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