The former Spanish king only has a house with six bathrooms

The former Spanish king only has a house with six bathrooms

What are the ongoing investigations with the former king?

Investigations are underway with former King Juan Carlos in two countries. In Spain, a payment of 65 million euros from 2008 is investigated by the Supreme Court. The amount is said to have been paid by the now-deceased Saudi King Abdullah.

The reason for this amount of money for Juan Carlos is still not clear. It may have been a reward for his mediation in the construction of a high-speed railway to Mecca. Spanish businessmen got the order after companies cut their bids by 30 per cent. The entrepreneurs may have been pressured by Juan Carlos.

The story became even more mysterious after the disappearance of millions in a bank account in Switzerland. According to the Spanish court, Juan Carlos was guilty of fraud, embezzlement and abuse of power. And millions of Arabs will not stay long in Switzerland. She moved to an account in the Bahamas in the name of Corina Larsen, a “special friend” of the King.

The Swiss are also investigating the King Abdullah deal in 2008. What is the source of the funds and why millions have been transferred from Juan Carlos Questions to the Swiss attorney general. According to some, the Swiss and Spanish investigations are going smoothly. No compelling evidence was found.

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