The fire brigade is satisfied that the number of fireworks accidents has decreased in Suriname

The fire brigade is satisfied that the number of fireworks accidents has decreased in Suriname

File photo: Suriname Emergency Department (A&E)

Since the start of fireworks sales and the official lighting period on December 27, according to Fire Officer Olton Pinas, one recording of a fireworks incident has been reported to the emergency department of Academic Hospital Suriname.

Benas told Waterkant.Net around noon this day that a 26-year-old on Wednesday, December 28 Seriously injured by fireworks KLS. According to Benas, he is the only victim so far.

The fire service officer said the Surinamese fire brigade was satisfied with the number of fireworks incidents. It is hoped that no further registrations will be added until Sunday, January 1 at 24:00.

He pointed out that three years ago the measure of the number of victims of fireworks was 10, two years ago it was 6 and last year there were also 6 victims. Pinas thanks the community for its obedience and vigilance.

“The goal is still no casualties,” Pinas said.

In the Netherlands, a 23-year-old man died on New Year’s Eve Carbide shooting. An 11-year-old boy was seriously injured by fireworks yesterday. His hand and all fingers had to be amputated and his right eye removed by an ophthalmologist.

Update: Contrary to what Fire Officer Pinas previously claimed, according to the fire brigade, 5 more recordings of fireworks victims were made in the emergency room, bringing the fireworks scale to 6. It concerned 2 cases on New Year’s Eve and 3 cases on New Year’s Eve.

According to the emergency department, all five of these cases involved eye injuries, and one of them proved necessary to be admitted. To date, the oldest victim is 56 years old and two children of 4 years old. They are the youngest victims. Fireworks may be sold and photographed until 24:00 tonight.

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According to Benas, after the message was posted from Waterkant.Net, the emergency department called the fire brigade and five cases were added. We partyed until noon, Pinas told our editors.

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