The evaluation season is coming to an end

The evaluation season is coming to an end

In the coming week of the exhibition, a number of companies will come out in numbers. One of these companies is PostNL, which is known to be taking full advantage of the Corona crisis. Boskalis will also be the rigs company and offshore service provider that is next in terms of results.

PostNL opens books on Mondays. With so many people staying home last year due to the roaming coronavirus, online shopping has taken off, and as a result PostNL has had many packages to deliver.

Activity figures

On Monday, figures on industrial activity from various European countries will be published. In addition to the largest economy in the Eurozone, Germany, it also includes data from France, Spain, Italy and the Eurozone as a whole. The so-called PMI will also be published in the Netherlands. Industry-related figures also track from the United States.

On Tuesday, the focus will be on, among other things, the German employment report. In addition, German retail turnover numbers will be released. In the US, many companies still come in numbers that day, such as Kohl’s.

The State of the American Economy

A US jobs report from Salary Slip Processor ADP is in the spotlight on Wednesday. The numbers, which anticipate the US government jobs report on Friday, may indicate something about the state of the US economy. The service sector numbers for several major economies will also be released on Wednesday. As is known, the industry is showing a reasonable recovery from the crisis, but the service sector remains mostly closed. Services include the travel industry and the catering industry.

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On Thursday, Boskalis Dredging and Marine Services will present numbers in Amsterdam. Until the third quarter of last year, the company managed to maintain stable sales despite the Corona crisis. In doing so, the company maintained its forecast of the operating results. This will be practically the same as it was a year ago.

Biotech company Pharming will also open the books on Thursday. Pharming’s primary focus is on developing innovative therapeutic proteins for diseases that cannot be treated or are difficult to treat. One day later, it’s up to bike maker Accell to open the books. In November, maker of brands like Batavus and Sparta stated that the company was having an excellent summer and late summer.

Corona crisis weighs on

Abroad, the focus is mainly on Lufthansa, which publishes its annual numbers on Thursday. The German airline, like its peers, is suffering from the Corona crisis. American chip company Broadcom also released numbers that day.

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