The CIA informed Belgium that Ukraine may have sabotaged Nord Stream

The CIA informed Belgium that Ukraine may have sabotaged Nord Stream

According to the United States, Russia receives materials for the construction of a UAV factory from Iran. The plant could start operating early next year. A White House spokesman said Friday. “We are concerned that Russia is cooperating with Iran to build Iranian drones in Russia.”

The planned site, according to the White House, is in the Tatarstan region, about 800 kilometers east of Moscow. The White House also states that Russia has received hundreds of drones from Iran that it is using to attack Ukraine. The drones are manufactured in Iran and shipped across the Caspian Sea.

Russia not only receives drones, according to the spokesman, but Russia also helps Iran: “Russia has offered Iran unprecedented cooperation in the field of defense, including missiles, electronics and air defense.”

The White House calls the delivery of the drones a violation of UN rules and wants the US to hold the two countries accountable. It says Iran has admitted to shipping drones to Russia, but that would have happened before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Moscow denies using Iranian drones in Ukraine. (AP)

Read here the news report by foreign correspondent Sasha Kester about Russia’s drone factory and its increasingly close military relationship with Iran.

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