Opgevist lijk te Nieuw Amsterdam is van gevallen dakloze

The body fished from the river belonged to a homeless person

The body that Monday morning at the dock Commissioner Thurkowweg on the Suriname River It was caught and caught, turns out to belong to a homeless man, who fell into the water. It’s about 73-year-old Charles Owen Fong.

He had gone to take a bath at Marinetrap on Sunday, November 27, for reasons as yet unknown I fell into the river. The man disappeared into the depths. Monday morning around 9:30 am, New Amsterdam police received a report of a body that washed up on the dock.

After the report, New Amsterdam Police were on the scene to conduct an investigation. The corpse poured onto another sidewalk. The officers called for help from a fisherman who was setting up fishing nets on the spot. Bring the police to the site.

The body was tied up and dragged to the dock, where the fire brigade took control of it.

The remains show a gaping hood wound in the head, showing the skull. In the interest of the investigation, the body was seized by the police on behalf of the Public Prosecution Service of Suriname.

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