The best science news of the week

The best science news of the week

In this new section, the editors give each week tips on the best and most interesting articles on the site. This time: pet cloning, alternatives to burials, and a country with lots of money.

1) Is this cloned dog really the same as the original dog?

No animal has eternal life so there comes a time when you have to say goodbye to Max the dog or Tommy the cat. Some people refuse to do this and turn to companies that can resurrect deceased pets. How do? by cloning it. And NOS reported this week that the practice is thriving in China.

How does cloning actually work and is your copycat the same as Kitty Tommy?

2) Are there alternatives to burial and cremation?

Burial services
Photo: Alan Thornton/Getty Images

There are currently four forms of funeral services in the Netherlands: burial, cremation, donation of the body to science and a sailor’s grave. But these options are not very sustainable. The US state of New York now allows more forms of funeral services.

So what other options are there?

3) Norway has a lot of money and that’s a problem

Photo: Jolande/Pixabay

Thanks to the huge reserves of gas and oil in the North Sea, Norway has become very rich in a relatively short time. They put the proceeds into a government fund that already contains more than 1.2 trillion euros. Sanctions against Russia have made Norway the largest gas supplier in Europe this year and an additional 113 billion euros will be added to the fund. But how is all that money a problem? You might say spend a little, invest a little, and put the rest in the bank.

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Read here why it is not so simple.

Editorial photo: Jolande/Pixabay

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