The atmosphere is a little different than at Hanneke Groenteman

The atmosphere is a little different than at Hanneke Groenteman

In the department Han Lips is watching TV Writing by several editors Hit Parole Every day about what catches their attention on TV. today: Vegetable seller on Sunday.

Bart van Zoelen

Gijs Gruntmann himself began talking about this in the run-up to his new cultural programme: “It is time for another beginning.” Vegetable seller on SundayThe comparison was inevitable farmthe laid-back talk show about art hosted by his mother, Haneke Gruntmann, at the turn of the century.

There was no getting away from it, he was back in all the previews. Also on Sundays, and a vegetable vendor as well. Of course, this program name did not come out of nowhere.

The atmosphere is a little different than at Hanneke Groenteman. The Plantage aired at the end of the afternoon, and it felt like a matinee, the wasted time of the weekend. Vegetable seller on Sunday It is in the evening and then you are watching the plate in your lap or lying in front of the bamboo on the sofa, when you think of the alarm clock going off again very early on Monday morning.

there was Vegetable seller on Sunday I thought clearly. The light-filled studio had to keep the audience engaged. Rapper Donny welcomed the viewer in his own way (“Dear people!”), waving like a herald with a clarion call. After 4 minutes we looked at the clock. What happened here? There were two singers who sang at the time, one 22 years old (Frokji) and the other 72 years old (Corey Konings).

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In addition to Froekji, Gruntman also interviewed Anne-Marie Prince about her solo stage performance at the age of 91. He went further and announced a report on a tap dancing company. Konings and Donnie have appeared as auditors in baroque operas and a gallery.

So the main goal is to be as complimentary and positive as Gijs. bee Vegetable seller on Sunday They think it's not shameful to admire. why not? Mathias van Newkirk, for example, built his career on lyric poetry – from Top 2000 jojo via DWDD All the way to the hall of fame Netherlands Sports.

As long as it is honest and credible, there is still an impasse. In the TV guide on Monday evening, Gijs Groenteman appears again at NPO 3 in Van Roosmalen And a vegetable grocer. People are constantly being praised to heaven, but then suddenly it becomes a paradox and the opposite is meant.

But the first impression was good and Giggs was right. Next week, it's time for another one Vegetable seller on Sunday.

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