The army frees hundreds of motorists trapped in the snow in Spain

The army frees hundreds of motorists trapped in the snow in Spain

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The army deployed in northern Spain to rescue several hundred motorists who faced problems due to heavy snow. Zaragoza army units freed about 600 motorists who were stuck for hours in the snow on the highway between Soria and Greda.

Thanks to the army's deployment, all snow-covered cars were able to leave the highway. Some motorists are temporarily housed in Matalebreras. Emergency services try to keep important roads as snow-free as possible, to prevent snow falling on sections of roads and further blocking access to hospitals, for example.

The heavy snowfall comes as a result of Storm Juan, leading to heavy rains in large parts of the country. In the north, most of this rain fell in the form of snow. Many roads have therefore become impassable, and Zaragoza Airport has been temporarily closed. The temperature in the area where the motorists got stuck is about -13 degrees.

Heavy rain fell in other parts of Spain. For example, heavy rains fell in Extremadura in the west and Catalonia in the northeast. Weather conditions are expected to be more favorable starting tomorrow.

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