The Alt-Right Races in Three Countries in Latin America

The Alt-Right Races in Three Countries in Latin America

In three countries, the Alt-Right could come to power in Latin America. Guatemala has three candidates ready, Ecuador has an outsider John title ready and Argentina has Miley. All three seem as likely as Caste in Chile, where Bolsonaro would have been excluded from the election a few days ago, and then.

Ecuador’s Jan Topic is Bugelin’s talent, a centrist candidate who ousted old general Lucio Gutierrez in power in 2000 (Saturday) and in 2003 and 05. This general was known for his ‘mano dura’ policy, which is why he was in power during the turbulent period before Korea. Ecuador had eight different presidents between 1998 and 2007.

Miley in Argentina is a politician who supports Trump’s ideas and is doing well in the polls. He looks set to top the pre-primaries in Argentina, which means he could be one of the two final candidates.

In Guatemala, where abuses have long persisted, the legislative branch has been uprooted and a semblance of law exists. Three contenders want a security policy in Guatemala, three of whose names escape me here.

What these three countries have in common is that people are fed up with traditional parties and are considering an establishment and anti-establishment candidate. A complete outsider who comes to put things in order. In Ecuador and Argentina the old establishment parties are opposing each other, the youth in Argentina and the people of La Costa in Ecuador are rebelling against it.

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The next elections are scheduled for 2025 in Guatemala and Argentina, as well as in Ecuador.

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