Tesla should adjust the function for goat bleating and fart sounds

Tesla should adjust the function for goat bleating and fart sounds

This can be dangerous for pedestrians. Rule The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the United States’ transportation regulator. For example, they may not be able to hear an approaching car.

No more fun

Electric vehicles are required in the United States to play sound when driving slowly so that pedestrians can hear it as the vehicle approaches. Therefore, Tesla has been installing speakers on the exterior of the car since 2019.

But Tesla wouldn’t be Tesla if they didn’t use the feature for something else, too. After the software update in 2020, drivers can not only play the warning sound, but also play a file Lots of different sounds† Not only while their Tesla is parked, but also while driving.

This joke is now curbed, of course to CEO Elon Musk’s dismay:

Tesla will update the models in question (including the Model X and Model Y) next week. As a result, other sounds can only be played when the car is stationary.

The supervisor is watching closely

It’s the fourth major software update that Tesla has to implement in two weeks. At the beginning of February, for example, there were more than 800,000 cars that didn’t turn on the warning lights when the engine was started, but the driver wasn’t wearing a seat belt yet.

A few days ago, Tesla pulled a controversial feature from the beta version of its self-driving software. This feature allowed cars to drive slowly through an intersection with a stop sign when there was no other oncoming traffic.

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