Te Brake win Sorba Bergeron: ‘Smooth climb and fast descent’


WINTERSWIJK – Mark te Brake regained his title at Sorba Bergeron three years ago due to force majeure. On Sunday, the AVA70 athlete from Aalten was the fastest over the 7.6 km over the former Winterswijk landfill. In the women’s race, organized AV Archeus’ Nicole Harman won. Also in the 3.1km race, Archeus held one of the best prizes at home thanks to Vincent te Brake’s win.

The hard challenge conditions were perfect this time around with a dry surface and a nice temperature. This once again proved that the organization had made a good move by moving the run from midsummer to fall.

Mark T-Brick lives up to his favorite role on the main distance. On the first climb, his closest attackers, Tim Mengerinck and Sander Luppers, still managed to keep up, but on the drop, T-Brick made the difference. “I ran up deliberately with flexibility, so that I could make the most of the speed down the descent. I think the competitors forced themselves up, so they were still recovering down the hill. Suddenly I hit a pit.”

As a result, Te Brake just had to blend in, “But with your starting number running and the crowd cheering, it became more than just training.” The AVA athlete primarily used Bergrun as the setting for Zevenheuvelenloop, in Nijmegen at the end of November. “I just got back from my vacation in America a few weeks ago, so this was a great race for me to build up.”

Nicole Harman of Winterswijk takes a surprise victory in the women’s 7.6 km race. “I was on the podium before, but I wasn’t first, so that was really fun. Today also it went very easily,” says Harman satisfied. So she had perfect preparation for this hill run, because at the beginning of September she famously conquered Mont Ventoux while she was still running.

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Winterswijker Vincent te Brake (no relation to Mark) extended the address at 3.1 km. “A great start to the cross season,” he described the race. “I want to run the Boekeldercross competition in Aalten in November and the NK Cross Country Championship in Tilburg at the end of November. Just to try, because with all those top hats out there you don’t have to count on a high ranking.” Archeus athlete broke the course record in the short run on Sunday. “I had leg pain on the second climb, but I did everything I could. Sometimes you just have to get over it and keep going.”

The most eye-catching young performer was AV Rijssen’s Sophie Willems. The 11-year-old talent raced all the boys and girls to complete the 1.6 long lap in a record time of 6.14.

1.6 km youth. Boys: 1. Joep Dingemans, Winterswijk 6.53, 2. Glenn Wassink, Aalten 6.58, 3. Liam Prinsen, Archeus 7.08. Girls: 1. Sophie Willems, AV Rijssen, 6.14, 2. Esmee Bulten, AV Rijssen 6.28. 3.1 km Men: 1. Vincent te Brake, Archeus 10.24, 2. Tijn Piest, AVA70, 10.58, 3. Stef Grotenhuis, AVA70, 11.08. Women: 1. Heidi Schlötter, Frieden, 14.00, 2. Weepke Unk, Wintersvik Meadow, 14.26, 3. Keira Lampio, AVA70, 14.30. 7.6 km Men: 1. Mark te Brake, AVA70, 26.48, 2. Tim Mengerink, AVA70, 27.36, 3. Sander Lubbers, Winterswijk Kotten 28.51. Women: 1. Nicole Harman, Archeus 40.50, 2. Luna Gloudemans, Utrecht 45.40, 3. Dian Schurink, Archeus 48.15.
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