Taylor Swift concerts give UK economy a near-billion-dollar boost

Taylor Swift concerts give UK economy a near-billion-dollar boost

LONDON (AP) — Taylor Swift’s concerts are expected to boost the U.K. economy by nearly 1 billion pounds. This was stated by the British bank Barclays, which estimated the income that the American singer would generate on the other side of the North Sea.
For the estimate, Barclays looked at the hundreds of millions in expenses Swift’s fans have previously paid around her performance. On average, fans spend £848 (about €936) on tickets, travel expenses, accommodation and clothing for the singer’s shows in the UK. Swift’s 15 shows on her UK Eras Tour next summer will provide a £997m boost to the UK economy.

Peter Brooks, of Barclays, told the BBC: “As was the case with Elvis Presley and the Beatles in the 1950s and 1960s, fans of cultural icons like Taylor Swift have a strong connection to the artist.” “This makes the willingness to spend money even greater. For people who aren’t fans, £848 seems like a huge amount to spend on just a concert. But for Eras Tour ticket holders, every pound they spend is an investment in the memories they make. It will make.” “

Swift is also scheduled to come to the Netherlands in July for a number of shows. The American singer will be present at the Johan Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam on July 4, 5 and 6.

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