Syrian rescuers helping Ukraine: no one has more experience than us

Syrian rescuers helping Ukraine: no one has more experience than us

In the areas of the Syrian opposition, they know better than anyone what it would be like if the Russian army was bombed. Since 2015, the Russians have backed President Assad, who is thus again in the saddle position.

Volunteers called the “White Helmets” play an important role in rescuing victims of Russian attacks. For years, they have been raising the dead and wounded from the rubble, risking their lives. Hundreds of White Helmets were killed.

They also photograph evidence as they work. With GoPro cameras on their helmets, they collect materials that can later be used as evidence.

When the rescue workers saw the first photos from Ukraine, there was an immediate acknowledgment. Civilian targets and infrastructure, including hospitals that were bombed. encircle cities. And so they wanted to do something. From the Syrian opposition area, they are now sharing their knowledge of rescuing victims after Russian bombing. In the hope that their unique experience with this common enemy will save lives in Ukraine.

A local team in Syria filmed the White Helmets making educational videos for the Ukrainians. The videos are being shared with Ukrainian rescue workers and across social media. Check out how and why:

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