Summary Actions Against the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture

Summary Actions Against the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture

Parents of examination students from HAVO and VWO public and private schools are preparing for summary proceedings against the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. They are upset with the ministry’s decision to close the 2020-2021 school year.

The Ministry wants to test students according to an outdated plan of April 8, 2021, where there is a difference in the final exam subject at Test Moment 1 and Test Moment 2. And for Test Moment 1 for students from public and private schools already prepared for Test Moment. Evaluation moment 2 is for the rest of the public schools that still have to catch up in the backlog in processed subjects.

However, the intersections have identified the subject and submitted a new test closure plan on June 10, 2021. Ministry employees led by Daniela Rosario refuse to work with the updated plan of subject experts.

Parents are not happy about this and are completely confused because the diploma is issued based on the same achievement goals of havo and vwo. They are of the opinion that the diploma is issued and that the subject of exams 1 and 2 should never, ever, differ. The diploma must retain its value at all times.

Universities abroad have already moved the diplomas submission dates for Suriname students who want to continue their further education there two to three times, considering the COVID-19 situation in Suriname. However, the deadline has been set for August 5. If students do not participate in the assessment moments here in time, they will forfeit an entire academic year.

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Parliamentarian Reshma Manger has already raised this issue during the plenary session on Tuesday 15th June. She also appealed to the Minister of Education to intervene today, not tomorrow. To her surprise, she was called on Wednesday by parents and teachers who informed her that the ministry would close the school year with an old plan on April 8.

Manger says she has received information that a group of parents in HAVO and VWO private and public schools is preparing to initiate summary proceedings against the department. He again made an urgent appeal to the minister to intervene quickly to avoid a lawsuit.

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