Strikes in Europe, air traffic, public transport, government institutions

Strikes in Europe, air traffic, public transport, government institutions

February 3, 2024

Overview of (announced) strikes/actions in Europe causing traffic/transport disruption. This page tracks whether there is a strike in Europe on a daily basis.

For example, is traffic expected on the road due to actions or strikes? Then use ANWB application on the road. This also allows you to navigate abroad, avoid traffic jams and roadworks, search for the cheapest fuel, find charging stations, view toll costs or report breakdowns online.

Belgium and France

Roadblocks due to farmers' actions
in Belgium in France Many highways and roads were closed due to farmers' actions.

Belgium situation
Many roads in Belgium have been closed due to farmers' protests. There are blockages in Brussels, Alter, Halle and others. Because of these protests The main roads (border crossings) from the Netherlands to Belgium were closed on Saturday. This relates to the following:

  • A67 Eindhoven – Antwerp (both directions).

to A4 At the intersection of centroids and A16 They were released in both directions.

You can turn onto the highway via:

  • N62 Purcell – Terneuzen West Scheldt Tunnel
  • A2 Maastricht – Liège
  • A76 Stein-Masmechelen

Cross-border traffic causes delays on local roads.

France situation
In France, many highways were closed due to farmers' siege. Since Monday 29 January, many roads leading to Paris have also been closed.

Please note that the blockage can be removed suddenly or lifted again. Check traffic information before leaving or en route ANWB application on the road. When planning a route with… ANWB route planner Belgium or France, the planner automatically navigates around dead ends.

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To know the current road conditions in Belgium and France, follow the following:
ANWB Belgium traffic information
ANWB France traffic information
X – ANWB Europe traffic information (Login required)
Map (overview) with closed roads in France

Source: ANWB Traffic Information/ANP/

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