Storm Eunice owes its name to one of the first climatologists |  Storm Eunice

Storm Eunice owes its name to one of the first climatologists | Storm Eunice

The storm that will pass over our country Friday afternoon and evening is named after Eunice Newton Foot. She is considered one of the first scientists to study the climate. The name was introduced by Dutch KNMI when compiling the name list for the 2021-2022 season.

Physicist Foote, born in 1819 in the US state of Connecticut, is regarded as one of the first climate scientists, according to KNMI. “She was a pioneer in research into the warming of air by the sun, and how this warming was increased under the influence of carbon dioxide, a phenomenon that was later called the greenhouse effect,” says KNMI.

KNMI has compiled the list of names for the 2021-2022 season along with the Met Office for Weather Services (Great Britain) and Met Éireann (Ireland). The first name given by Holland was Cory, who had recently traveled across the country. Corey Van Dyck was the first female meteorologist for KNMI in 1964. The name Storm Dudley was introduced by the English, who asked the public for name suggestions.

‘Dangerous weather is coming’

Storms issued by KNMI have been coded orange or red since 2019. In some cases, the storm can also be coded yellow. Storm names should make it clear to the audience that dangerous weather is on the way. It was the first storm in the Netherlands by the name of Ciara, which passed over our country on February 9, 2020.

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The next name on the list for this storm season is Franklin, and that was also introduced by KNMI. Franklin was chosen in memory of Franklin Cronenberg, who passed away last year. Cronenberg worked for more than forty years at KNMI and was, among other things, a weather presenter at NOS. Contributed to the creation of an international platform for weather warning and storm naming. With Tineke, KNMI honors Tineke Dijkshoorn, winner of the 1986 Elfstedentocht race.

Storm names 2021-2022. © KNMI

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