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Only the eighth generation is supported. I wonder what kind of hardware to buy if you bought 8th gen Intel processors and don’t have TPM 2.0 chipsets. Was it consumer grade devices?

At the time, the original equipment manufacturers, Dell, Lenovo, HP supplied only systems that are now supported by Windows 11.

But as Sunnie said: Windows 10 still supports the full lifespan of hardware that can’t be upgraded and certainly in business, you can hope the alternative will be different than at home. I still have a Sandy Bridge i7 desktop, and since I’m not playing anymore, I don’t need a new one. So this is an old bug that crashes on Win 10. Fine.

On systems that can do this, I’m running Windows 11, which really has some steps forward in the UI and has features useful for the simple user like window management. This is often a problem for home, garden, and kitchen users on a large screen, and they all work in full screen mode, regardless of screen size.

The user interface has made more sense, but for IT professionals who remember all the paths, it is different and somewhat annoying. I always recommend saving shortcuts and starting operations by typing.
I had the taskbar on the side in Windows 10 and it took 10 minutes to get used to it.

The icons in the middle make more sense because, on average, the mouse is closer to the buttons. Notification center makes more sense. In general, I see more pros than cons of the operating system.

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If you as a company also do a lot with the O365, the Start menu is good because it instantly shows your recent files (even if they are opened on other devices), and this makes the experience seamless.

So in a modern system I see an advantage for Windows 11 in work environments that rely heavily on O365, but the biggest drawback is probably the Teams integration for personal use, which is different from a part of O365. This is really clumsy but it’s easy to disable with a GPO or CSP. Well, wrong.

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