Sri Lankan president flees country amid economic crisis |  Currently

Sri Lankan president flees country amid economic crisis | Currently

Sri Lanka’s president fled the country early on Wednesday, days after protesters stormed his home, office and the official residence of his prime minister. Due to the serious economic crisis, there is a serious shortage of food and fuel in the island nation.

A customs official told the news agency that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, his wife and two bodyguards took off in a Sri Lankan Air Force plane for Mali, the capital of the Maldives. AFP.

Rajapaksa resigned after continuing protests against his policies. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has said he will leave as soon as a new government is formed. The demonstrators vowed to occupy the official buildings until the departure of the senior leaders.

Years of theft from the state treasury

Parliament on Monday approved the election of a new president on July 20, but it has not yet decided who will take over as prime minister and who will join the government.

The protesters accuse Rajapaksa and his family of years of theft from the state treasury. His government has exacerbated the crisis in the country due to poor economic policies, according to an outraged Sri Lankan.

heavy debt

The new government will have to extricate the bankrupt country from the economic and political crisis. Corruption and mismanagement have left the country heavily indebted and unable to afford the import of basic necessities. The shortage has caused desperation among 22 million Sri Lankans.

The political impasse further fueled the economic crisis. IMF threatens to halt pledged financial support; In order to reach an agreement, the new government must present the fund with a debt settlement plan in August.

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Asked if China was in talks with Sri Lanka over possible loans, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman did not answer. “China will continue to provide assistance to Sri Lanka’s social development and economic recovery as much as it can,” Wang Wenbin said.

The new president will replace Rajapaksa until 2024, when his term ends. To be able to appoint the new prime minister, the fugitive president’s successor needs Parliament’s approval.

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