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Spotify has released its own voice chat app. The app called Greenroom rolled out today for Android and iOS devices. The chatting app is similar to Clubhouse and allows users to broadcast live audio.

The company wrote that Spotify Greenroom will appear on Wednesday in 135 different countries Press release. It is a separate application. Greenroom is based on Locker Room, a voice chat app created by Betty Labs. This developer was announced in March Obtained by Spotify. Locker Room used to be for sports voice chats, but Spotify Greenroom has become a more general app.

Users can use the app by logging in, logging in with their Spotify account, or creating a separate account. Each user can host a conversation by himself, or participate in another conversation. Among other things, Greenroom offers the ability to record conversations in the app, so that users can later release those conversations as a podcast.

Spotify further stated that the company will be releasing a Creator’s Box release. This allows users to monetize their conversations. Spotify has not yet announced much about this feature. free Creator’s Box It states that the amounts paid are based, among other things, on the number of people listening to the respective user’s conversations. Payments are calculated weekly, according to Spotify.

Spotify isn’t the only company launching a Clubhouse-style app. Facebook social networking site He introduced the Clubhouse clone in the form of Live Audio Rooms in April. Twitter recently submitted a profile Space feature ميزة, which also allows users to listen to certain speakers. Discord also has a Clubhouse-like feature these days called Phase channels. Earlier this year, Tweakers published an article about Rise of the Clubhouse Clones.

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