Spot: Shandon's father is world famous, and is a street musician himself

Spot: Shandon's father is world famous, and is a street musician himself

If you've ever cycled or walked through the tunnel at the Rijksmuseum, you've probably seen him in action. A few years ago, Shandon Sahm preferred to play his guitar near the museum. “This is the best place, but there are many places in Rijks.”

Chandon lives anonymously in Amsterdam, but enjoys some fame in his home state of the United States. He shares his last name with famous blues artist Doug Sahm.

This was actually his father. “My dad was known to a lot of people. Bob Dylan was a fan of his music, and so was Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead.” He shows a T-shirt with his father's print on it. “What he made was a little niche, but this is for people who know him.”

A place in front of the bicycle tunnel in Rijks was chosen today for Chandon. It plays some songs by Harry Styles and Pharrell Williams, but they're not worth much. “It's not about the money for me, I keep myself very sharp, and it's all about the music.”

Chandon had never experienced having a famous musician as a father as such added pressure. “I'd ask Jacob Dylan or Sean Lennon. Their fathers are really famous. I always tell Texas audiences: 'I'm not my father, but I can give you the Arrow spirit he was known for.'

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