"Spirituality deserves a central place in science"

“Spirituality deserves a central place in science”

Sharda S. Nandram, Photographer: Jidu Benchob.

Spirituality is an anchor for the pursuit of happiness and prosperity. Spirituality is human and not new, but we have forgotten it. We are conditioned and live in a certain context. There is no place for spirituality.”

Professor Dr. Sharda Nandram’s words who immediately started thinking. On Friday, she gave her inaugural lecture at Nienrod Business School entitled: Spirituality: A System for Dealing with the Unknown. She now holds the Chair of Business and Spirituality.

Spirituality is beyond what we see, Nandram explains: Spirituality deserves an essential place as a discipline in the sciences. Every discipline needs a definition, a research method and a vision.” Nandram relies on mathematics to show why it is necessary. “Mathematics also has unknown aspects. The “infinite” character exists to deal with infinity or the unknown. Spirituality also searches for the unknown. This soft side of spirituality deserves the hard side that mathematics already has.”

Intuition as a basis
The mystery of spirituality should become clearer, according to Nandram. Solve issues of a different level of consciousness as you describe them. “We know how important intuition is for entrepreneurs. Intuition is the foundation. It takes a certain courage. The more you look for it, the more open it is. The more you give in, the more it comes to the surface. The more creativity it surfaces, the faster solutions can be thought of.”

Its main goal with the Kursi is to develop a system of spirituality. People know it’s important, but they’re still stuck in the tube of rationality. This is not where spirituality is.” Nandram wants to help people open up and embrace the unknown in business. She wants to give them a lens to bring about acceptance in science and business for the unknown.

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source of innovation
“In the unknown is an endless source of innovation. This is where many entrepreneurs get their ideas and their successes. Entrepreneurship begins with ideas that don’t yet exist. Entrepreneurs rely on their endless resources. You need this advantage over your competitors. This sets you apart as an entrepreneur. You want To grow and develop, so you need your intuition. Spirituality is the cornerstone of this, which gives way to the imagination. It is not measurable, but it is noticeable.”

Since the topic is not yet measurable, many people find it interesting to start with. Nandram: “What happens if they allow the unknown? How will they deal with it and how will they work together? What do they do? How do they lead to solutions? At this level of existence lies the potential of the unknown.”

lasting happiness
According to Nandram, all new topics in science need fifteen to twenty years. Nandram indicates patience. Entrepreneurship was also awarded this time. Spirituality requires courage and needs people to live through it. I want to contribute to that with my work. I hope that there will be more insight into the phenomenon of spirituality and the way it can be of service to achieving lasting happiness and prosperity in every organization.”

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