South African Alternative Breakout: Austrian Ski Village Totally Closed

South African Alternative Breakout: Austrian Ski Village Totally Closed

Due to a new set of casualties with the South African alternative, the popular ski resort of Mayrhofen is completely isolated. Of the 42 people who suffer from Corona, 29 are infected with the South African type.

It guarantees the closure of pharmacies, pharmacists and stores in Mayrhofen. However, not everything is impossible. “The amazing thing is that you can still ski. Provided you show a negative test it does not exceed 72 hours,” says reporter Jeroen Ackermans. This also applies to the whole of Austria.

Day care

The virus appears to have entered Mayrhofen in nursery. Several children and their caregivers were injured. Not everyone is sure if this is the South African alternative, but according to the authorities, there are many doubts about it.

Hundreds of injuries in South Africa

The South African variant is also found in other parts of Tirol. There are now hundreds of casualties. “Last Sunday, Austria recorded the highest infection rate since mid-December,” says Ackermanns. “This is a bad development.”

Although only 8.5 percent of Austrians live in Tyrol, the popular winter sports region is responsible for a relatively large percentage of injuries. Yesterday, more than 13 percent of new infections came from Tyrol.

Rows for shops

It could be due to virus mutations that are more contagious than the classic type, such as South Africa. But at the national level, there is more than that. Akkermans says: “On February 8, Corona measures were relaxed. The stores opened, causing long lines in front of them. This is not a desirable development.”

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And there is one more thing to take into consideration. “The Austrians are trying to control the prevalence, including variants, with as many tests as possible. So there are a lot of tests. In fact, a quarter of the population is tested every week. That’s 2.5 million tests per week.”


“The Austrians are in a similar predicament as they are in the Netherlands or Germany, for example. They are worried, but they are also tired of the lockdown,” says Ackermans. Thus, the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz started the facilitation ».

Curtis also supports the idea that those who have been vaccinated should have freedoms. Some perks, such as the ability to travel. That way he wants to convince people to get vaccinated.

To date, 5.95 injections per 100 people have been taken in Austria, which is more than the Netherlands, but below the European average.

AstraZeneca Vaccine

Back to the South African version in Tyrol. Because these vaccines are a problem with this alternative. Especially for the vaccine from AstraZeneca Not sure Whether it works against the South African alternative. For South Africa itself, this was a reason to stop using AstraZeneca altogether.

Hence, RIVM is monitoring the situation closely. Travel advice remains unaffected. A spokesperson for RTL News said: “Don’t travel if you don’t have to. Not even to Tirol.” “It’s troubling, but there are no specific rules for Tyrol.”

In the Netherlands too

“This is because the South African variant has already been found in the Netherlands. There is also a slight increase. The first case was discovered at the end of 2020, up to 13 new cases earlier this month.” There are no such numbers in Tirol. It is no longer possible to keep the South African alternative completely out of the door.

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New Moderna vaccine

Vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna appear to be working against the South African alternative. It was announced today that the last pharmaceutical company has developed a new vaccine that specifically aims to neutralize the South African variant. The vaccine is now undergoing clinical trial in the United States. If successful, Modena could apply to market the vaccine.

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