Sony is working on new VR glasses with a better controller for PlayStation 5 |  Currently

Sony is working on new VR glasses with a better controller for PlayStation 5 | Currently

Sony is developing new PlayStation VR glasses for PlayStation 5. The new virtual reality headset works with a single cable and gets an enhanced controller. According to the company, there is still a lot of work to be done; So the glasses will not appear in 2021.

Sony doesn’t share a lot of details yet, though the company says the glasses will get greater resolution. As a result, the image of the new glasses should be sharper than the glasses for the PS4 console. The glasses also have a greater field of view. This means that a user wearing glasses can see more without having to move their head.

The new headphone should also be able to better follow the user. The PS4 VR glasses use lights in the headphone and a camera for user monitoring. It’s unclear if this is also the case with the PlayStation 5 variant.

Sony also reports that the new glasses will only use a single cable to communicate between the headset and the console. With the PS4, a separate adapter was needed, which Sony used Processor unit Named. This has been tied to virtual reality glasses, PlayStation, TV, and the electrical grid. Sony appears Processor unit You no longer want to use them with the new virtual reality glasses. According to the company, a single cable makes it easier to use the headphone.

Sony will also fine-tune the headphone controller. The new console should be more comfortable than the old variant. The controller should also get functionality also found in the PlayStation 5 controller. Sony doesn’t provide details on this, but it might be the enhanced triggers included in the DualSense controllers.

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Early game developers are already working with the new PlayStation VR headset. It is not yet known when the glasses will appear and how much they will cost.

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