Sonos comes ten years later with an all-new, smaller subwoofer

Sonos comes ten years later with an all-new, smaller subwoofer

Sonos Sub has been selling since 2012, a large, rectangular subwoofer worth over €800 that can be connected wirelessly to the rest of the Sonos system. The new Sub Mini, as the name suggests, is the smaller variant of the Sub.

Sub Mini is cylindrical in shape, with an oval hole in the middle like its older brother. The Sub Mini has two subwoofers, which Sonos says provide ‘low, dynamic, deep tones without hum or vibrato’.

Combine with loudspeakers or amplifiers

The Sub Mini can be combined with the majority of Sonos speakers, which all come without their own subwoofer. For example, Sub Mini can work with Sonos speakers: File BeamThe packet and the Arch. When watching movies and series, the sound will sound stronger and heavier. But the Sub Mini can also be paired with Sonos One speakers, so the music sounds even more appealing.

Sub Mini can be added to an existing setup via the Sonos app. In addition, the volume can be adjusted automatically using the Trueplay function, as the room is scanned by sound waves and the speakers are adjusted accordingly. If the Sonos system was expanded with subwoofers, the current speakers would also sound different. After that they are no longer responsible for the lower tones, so they can produce more midtones. This creates a fuller whole.

Available in black and white, the Sonos Sub Mini will be available from October 6th for €499.

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