Sonos acquires Dutch power transformer company Mayht for $100 million

Sonos has acquired Dutch startup Mayht for $100 million. This company specializes in transducer technology, which aims to make speakers smaller without sacrificing audio output.

Sonos . reports That $100 million was paid for the acquisition and that more details will be announced in May when the quarterly results are announced. According to TU Delft The amount of money shows how much Sonos praises the “breakthrough” in audio transducer technology.

Transformers are basically transducers that convert energy from one form to another. It is a general term used for all kinds of technological applications. In the context of sound, transducers should be viewed as transducers of electricity for air pressure or sound. In this sense, all speakers are essentially transducers.

Mayht innovation mainly consists of Heartmotion Engines, which are able to output the same sound as normal players, but are smaller and lighter in weight. This makes Mayht products interesting to process in soundbars and wireless speakers, but also in car amplifiers and portable amplifiers.

Dutch brothers Matthias and Timothy Schick founded Mayht in 2016. TU Delft has been involved in Mayht in various ways. For example, the university invested in the company through Delft Enterprises from the start and Matthias previously studied industrial design at Delft University. In 2013, the brothers founded their own speaker company, called Scheek Loudspeakers.

Comparison of Mayht’s Heartmotion driver (left) and a larger average driver. Despite the difference in diameter, the output will be the same.
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