Snow and ice fall in the UK: chaos on roads and railways and many flights cancelled internal

Video updateCold winter weather with heavy snow and sleet swept across the UK and Ireland. Many flights have been cancelled, train lines have been cut and traffic has come to a standstill on many roads.

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Especially northern Scotland where it reached -15 degrees, and south east England are struggling with snow. Another 10 centimeters of snow is expected in many places on Monday. In the south east of England, people were advised on Sunday not to take the road unless absolutely necessary.

London’s Stansted Airport canceled all flights late Sunday night. The only runway at the airport has been closed due to heavy snowfall, according to reports BBC News. London Heathrow and Gatwick airports have also had to cancel flights and suffer delays due to the weather.

According to the Schiphol and Rotterdam airport websites, several flights to London have been delayed or cancelled. There are also flights to London from Eindhoven Airport. Brabant Airport has not yet reported any disturbances on the website and through social media channels.

Dozens of flights to Stansted, Heathrow, Gatwick and London City Airport depart each day from Schiphol alone. In Eindhoven and Rotterdam there are a number of flights.

yellow code

The Met Office has issued a code yellow for large parts of the UK due to snowfall and ice formation. Dense fog also occurs in some parts of the country. The warning is sure to remain in effect throughout Monday morning. The winter weather also disrupted trains and led to accidents on highways.

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to me daily Mail Hundreds of people and their cars were stuck in snow overnight on the A25 north of London. In Birmingham, at least four children playing on ice in a lake fell through the ice. They had to be rescued from the icy waters by the emergency services. They were taken to hospitals in critical condition.

Dozens of schools in the UK remain closed due to cold weather and traffic problems.

A snowplow at work on taxi lanes at Manchester Airport.

A snowplow at work on taxi lanes at Manchester Airport. © Reuters


Irish authorities warn people that regional roads are often slippery, including because of “icy haze”. The cold snap will continue until at least December 16, with temperatures just above zero along the coast.

Snowmobiles in Camden, North London.

Snowmobiles in Camden, North London. ©AP

A Londoner makes a snowman in a park with Big Ben in the background.

A Londoner makes a snowman in a park with Big Ben in the background. © Reuters


© Reuters

Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace. © Reuters

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