Sleeping with the window open or the window closed?

Sleeping with the window open or the window closed?

Should you sleep with the window open or close your eyes with the window closed? Nothing has to happen, of course, but you may have asked yourself this question. Will you catch a cold if you leave the window slightly open while you sleep?

Naturally, there are a lot of questions about sleep. What is the best time to sleep? It is one of them. And not being able to find your way in the evening, but still wide awake in the morning, how could this be possible? Another question. Do you have to make your bed every day? Well, sleep too subway Regularly reaches for the pen.

Sleeping with the window open?

Website about health This weekend we discussed “Team Window Open” and “Team Window Closed”. The title consulted a number of experts to answer the question: “Which is better, sleeping with the window open or with the window closed?” To come.

Open window against influenza?

You might almost say: Keep your window closed if you’re sick with the flu. Having a cold will likely make matters worse. That kite won’t fly. You don’t get the flu from a cold, you get it from the influenza virus. “By sleeping with the window open, you ensure that germs are absorbed more easily.”

Do you sleep well with the window open?

In a cool bedroom – with a temperature between 15 and 19 degrees – you fall asleep faster and sleep better and deeper, says the health website. “The temperature in your bedroom is important, but it is especially advisable to research what is comfortable for you,” says sleep professor Eos van Someren. Then the chance of restful and good sleep is greater. If you constantly wake up with a window open because of traffic noise or because you feel unsafe, it is best to close the window. If a closed window makes you feel stuffy or hot, leave the window open. So find out for yourself…

There are also other problems:

Sleep and get some fresh air?

Sleeping with the window open is always good for fresh air. As shown above, germs disappear from your bedroom sooner. An open window while sleeping also helps fight air pollution, reported.

Gilly LaVerge from Ghent University: “Bedrooms are the most poorly ventilated rooms in homes: there are a relatively large number of people here in a limited space and the interior doors are often closed. The bedroom produces very high concentrations of human waste, such as carbon dioxide and chemicals.” Emitted by building materials, furniture panels and processed textiles.

Get some air

If you don’t enjoy spending the night with a window open, open your bedroom windows wide for about ten minutes each morning. Raymond Junker, an environment and health specialist at GGD Amsterdam, points out that the problem of air pollution is just a myth. “Indoor air is always dirtier than outside air.”

sleep well!

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