Significant support for the submarine cable between Morocco and the United Kingdom

Significant support for the submarine cable between Morocco and the United Kingdom

September 30, 2023 – 11:00 pm – Economy


Claire Coutinho, British Energy Minister, confirmed that the construction of the 3,800 km submarine cable that will connect Morocco to the United Kingdom is of “national importance.”

The British government continues to support the submarine cable project between Morocco and the United Kingdom. Claire Coutinho, the current UK Energy Secretary, said in a statement that this project is “of national importance” because of its potential to help the UK transition away from fossil fuels. “The proposed project can play an important role in developing an energy system that meets the UK’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and ensuring a safe, reliable and affordable energy supply for consumers,” she explains.

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For Xlinks, the company responsible for implementing the project, the government recognition is an “important milestone.” However, there are still many challenges to overcome. In addition to building the world’s longest undersea high-voltage DC cable, Xlinks must raise more funds, sign long-term pricing contracts and obtain permission to cross Spanish and French waters. The total cost of the project is estimated at between £20 billion and £22 billion, Dave Lewis, CEO of Xlinks, said, speaking to Financial Times.

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Xlinks will build a 10.5 GW power plant (7 GW solar and 3.5 GW wind) in Morocco. This will cover 8% of the UK’s electricity needs, equivalent to the consumption of more than seven million households.

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